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Dr. Thomas E. Fink's clinical training, supervision, and experience have included the application of psychological techniques to diverse patient populations, including long-term care psychiatric facilities, community residential and mental health facilities, and general and specialized medical/rehabilitative outpatient settings.

Dr. Fink has directed an inpatient behavioral modification program, provided behavioral and psychological consultation to the medical and psychology staff of state mental hospitals concerning patients with complex behavioral problems, and managed outpatient rehabilitation and pain management programs. His current area of practice involves providing service in and managing an outpatient psychological service, Acorn Health Associates, P.C., that specializes in rehabilitation psychology. Areas of interest include the application of EEG Biofeedback techniques to a range of medical and psychological disorders, including chronic pain, traumatic brain injury, ADHD, as well as depression and anxiety-related conditions.

Dr. Fink remains interested in theoretical psychology and has presented workshops over the past ten years examining the misleading and sometimes harmful assumptions and practices of a medicalized American mental health orientation. His current interest in EEG Biofeedback began when he watched an associate use these techniques to support dramatic and positive changes for patients with difficult medical and psychological conditions.

EEG Biofeedback: A Brief Introduction

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