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MindReflector® is an educational application and is intended as a training tool for mindfulness, human potential, consciousness, and the relationship of consciousness to the fascinating science of brainwaves. MindReflector® is a self-awareness application that can assist relaxation, improve attention, and encourage more open and resilient responsiveness, by giving users access to more finely-tuned behavioral information. MindReflector® products are safe and noninvasive. MindReflector® is not a medical device and is not sold with any intent to diagnose or treat medical conditions. A person wanting treatment for a medical condition should see a licensed professional.  A person wanting Neurofeedback treatment should see an experienced EEG Biofeedback professional.

At MindReflector Technologies, LLC, we believe self-knowledge is a human right and that offering information to users regarding their own biological processes can form the foundation for more positive, empowered, and wellness-oriented outlooks. This is a good thing. It is aligned with our mission to help make the world a better place.

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