Antumbral by Pery Burge and Tullio DeSantis
riven E xperie


MindReflector® applications play mp3, avi and other multimedia media files.
Download your favorite music and video files and convert them for MindReflector.
Then load the new media files into your MindReflector® File Options.

Instructions on Finding and Downloading Media Content

You can use your own mp3 files or purchase new mp3 files for use with MindReflector. There are also several sites that allow you to download multimedia content for free. We like using the Internet Archive at You can search for others. MindReflector works best using mp3 (audio) and avi (video) files. Because MindReflector must load the entire file, it is best to use Videos only as long as your longest training sessions (15 minutes is average). You can also downlload short videos by using one of the available 3rd Party Video Downloader programs. (see Instructions on Converting Media Files to locate download sites). To convert media files in other formats to mp3 and avi formats, see Instructions on Converting Media Files.

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