Antumbral by Pery Burge and Tullio DeSantis
riven E xperie


MindReflector® applications play mp3, avi and other multimedia media files.
Download your favorite music and video files and convert them for MindReflector.
Then load the new media files into your MindReflector® File Options.

Instructions on Setting MindReflector Multimedia Options

MindReflector uses your Windows Media Player settings. In order to set up or change the Visualizations settings for Windows Media Player, choose a specific Visualization while using Windows Media Player to play an mp3 file from your library. Change the Visualizations setting from the dropdown list of your installed Visualizations. Then close Windows Media Player. The next time you start MindReflector, the selected Visualization will be displayed. Use this method for setting Repeat Play, as well. This will allow for short audio selections to be repeated during your training session. To change the music selection see Instructions for Using Your Media Files with MindReflector.

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